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Permanently Delete Everything You Want Erased by Downloading Evidence Nuker Today!
Department of Defense Compatibility

Nuker features several shredding methods,
including 5220.22-M, the military standard
set by the Department of Defense

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Evidence Nuker can wipe out:
Address Bar History
Browser Cache
Visited Sites History
Autocomplete Data
Documents History
Recycle Bin
Run History
Search/Find History
Windows Temp
Error Checking Temp
Click History
Order History
Swap File
Temp Folder
MS Paint
MS Wordpad
Media Player History List
and more...

Evidence Nuker July Challenge

If EvidenceNuker's FREE scan reports less than 100 items or 10,000 KB of wasted space we will give you our popup blocking software for FREE! That's a promise!

Accept Challenge

The Files, Websites, and History that you thought you deleted can still be recovered!
Protect Integrity

Cover Your Tracks
Protect Identity

Protect your Identity
Protect Investment

Protect your Investment

Erase Your Internet Tracks
Evidence NukerREAD THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding the websites you visit, your chat conversations, and all of your Internet and other PC files.
Are you aware that your computer is also a recording device? Almost every action you make is recorded and can be easily retrieved by anyone, not just by a computer geek but by an average computer user such as your spouse, boss, friend, or anyone who has access to the PC you use.

For example, web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox can save every image and every website you open. Windows might save every login name and password you type. Media players often keep records of every movie and video clip you watch.
Without Evidence Nuker your computer is as private as a diary left on a restaurant table for anyone to read, and thousands of people have been fired, divorced and even sent to prison over what was found on their PC! Do you want your loved ones, employers, or law enforcement agencies to know everything you do Online?

For no cost at all you can download Evidence Nuker today and run a FREE scan that will show you a listing of deleted files, emails, chat transcripts, audio and video files, temporary internet files, image files (all formats), search histories, clipboard data, passwords, internet history, stored cookies and so much more! After you see everything that has been easily recovered you can use Evidence Nuker to permanently delete everything you want erased!

Don't lose your job, get divorced, become embarrassed, or be sent to prison because of what you do on your home or office computer!

Protect your Identity
Protect Identity There are tools that can retrieve deleted files even if a new file has been written where the old one used to be. Not even formatting your hard drive is a guarantee of privacy! You should never give away an old computer before permanently deleting all of the personal information you have left on it.

Evidence Nuker gives you a choice of several deletion methods including the one approved by the Department of Defense (DOD 5220.22-M standard) and the one scientifically proven to be sufficient (Guttman).

Protect your Investment
Protect InvestmentEvidence Nuker can even speed up your PC!
Your computer is a valuable investment. Even if you have only used it for a few days chances are it already has hundreds of unnecessary files and registry items saved in various locations. Those files take up valuable space on your hard drive. Even worse - most of the files are loaded in your computer's memory as soon as you start the computer, this can slow down your computer and even render some of its functions unusable.

We offer you a challenge - if you run Evidence Nuker's FREE scan and it detects less than 100 files or less than 10,000 Kilobytes we will give you our state of the art popup blocking software free of charge!


I don't have a question, but I just wanted to say Thank You for making my PC run so much better. When I downloaded kazza it made my computer crash and run as slow as a 10 year old computer, then Best Buy wanted to charge $250.00 just to clean it up. I then downloaded your software and now it runs just as good as the day I took it out of the box. Again, THANK YOU!!!!!!


I am thrilled with your product. I thought I was cleaning my computer, but your software found some 1,700 files I missed. It also made my computer much faster.

Thank You,

I sent a few emails and a few instant messages complaining about my boss to a few people thatI work with, and I thought I had erased them from my history, but a fellow co-worker was able to pull up my history to show me that my messages were still on the Hard Drive! Thank goodness for Evidence Nuker! I used the shredding program and now my boss can never find out what I said about him! I really need this job! I just had a baby, and without this job I don't know what I would do.

Simon L. - Tucson, AZ.

Thank you for saving my marriage! I'm a 32 year old stay at home married mom, and I sometimes have fun by participating in harmless cyber sex. But my husband wouldn't be very happy to know that I have cyber sex. He told me one day that he was going to pull up the computer's history to clean it up...I totally freaked out!!!! So I went online and searched for a program that could clean my history so my husband wouldn't discover what I was doing. Your product came highly recommended as the best of it's kind. After i ran the free scan I was so scared by what I found...I found out my husband looks at porn online, but I don't care about that, I just care about what I found out about the sites I was visiting. Your program erased my history forever!!!!! My husband won't know what I was I don't know how to confront him about what he does online!

Natalie K. - San Diego, CA

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